Frozen pork mix container for sale

\ We can load in November 4 mix container in following proportions and prices USD/mt CFR HK or Vietnam on your choose.

1 container: pork front feet 9200kg, pork ears 15500 kg, pork tails 2300kg, total 27 MT

2 container: pork ears 7500kg moon bones 900kg, rectum 5800kg,pork stomachs 12800kg, total 27 MT

3 container:pork front feet 12500kg, pork tails 5500kg, pork Aorta 700kg, moon bones 2300kg,pork stomach 6000 kg, total 27 MT

4 container: pork front feet 6650kg, pork ears 13800kg,pork rectum 6550, total 27 MT

Pirce list:

front feet: 2050 USD/Mt CFR HK/VN

pork ears: 3250 USD/Mt CFR HK/VN

pork tails: 1950 USD/Mt CFR HK/VN

pork aorta: 5500 USD/Mt CFR HK/VN

pork moon bones: 1950 USD/Mt CFR HK/VN

pork rectum: 3300 USD/Mt CFR HK/VN 

pork stomach: 1950 USD/Mt CFR HK/VN 

Payment conditions:

To Hong Kong – 30/70

To Vietnam – 50/50

orgin: Russia

Plant Nr. 640331-RU-013/LD04098