EASIA Foods OÜ is a trading company situated in Tallinn, Estonia. We are specialize in import-export of frozen pork,

beef and poultry meat and offal products. Our main commercial partners are from Europe and North/South America.

Currently our main export destination is Asia market.

We can offer a wide range of frozen meat products, the main products we offer are pork front feet, pork hind feet,

pork ears, ear flaps, pork stomach, pork tails, pork aorta, pork intestines, pork tongues, pork head, pork snout,

pork heart, pork bones, pork ribs, pork liver. beef short ribs, beef tripes, beef honeycomb, beef omasum, beef pizzle,

beef aorta, chicken feet, chicken wings. our products are sourced directly from reliable producer from Europe and North/South America.

We are interested in establishing a long term and mutual-beneficial business relationship with supplier and customers.

In order to offer the best quality and cost-effective products to our customers, We are carefully monitoring the quality

of products which we buy and sell by regular visits and audits of our suppliers.We would be grateful if you would consider to work with us.